Friday, October 10, 2008

First Post

From what I understand, the key is to set the bar low.  That way, there are no expectations and therefore no disappointments.  That being said, I hope you enjoy my pretty pictures. 

I love Jane Austen period pieces so this is a bit of personal art that I did recently.  I do a lot of reading so my personal stuff reflects whatever writer I happen to be into at the time.  By reading, I mean that I listen to a lot of books on cd while my face is glued to the computer screen.  
I like the hip hop culture. So here's a foxy lady for ya!  Personally, I couldn't be more geeky.  But I love being a geek!  Being cool seems like so much upkeep...

1 comment:

Heather Williams said...

who says we aren't cool? lol. Do you ever go to any anime conventions? You would make a killing probably if you sold some of your art there.